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Period Poverty and 100 Women

The opening date for my exhibition showing 100 portraits of women is coming up fast! It’s a short exhibition lasting only 3 days and runs alongside Christmas Open Studios at Krowji, where I have my studio. There will be more than 60 other artists opening up their studio doors and showing the work they have […]

My artist’s block.

Writer’s block? Artist’s block? It happens, but why? No doubt this blog post will throw up more questions than answers for me, and possibly for you too. It is a subject that one could dedicate a lifetime trying to work it all out. What holds us back while internally we kick and scream trying to […]

Drawing 100 women.

Drawing 100 women in year of the woman.     This blog has been a long time coming! You know when you faff and avoid doing something that you actually really want to do but, for some reason you don’t know where to start? Well, this blog has been lurking in the back of my […]